Monday, December 17, 2007

San Francisco and San Francisco to Heathrow..

Landed in San Francisco and took the shuttle to the Hyatt for a room and a glorious shower.. (actually, I took two). Concierge tried hard, but no one in the bay area has spare batteries. Dell's on-line fulfillment scenario is so good, no one wants to stock batteries... So I was actually at the hotel a grand total of 3 hours, got a great bowl of potato leek soup... then back to airport and on to London.

Directional Guidance… From San Francisco to London, Heathrow
Straight over Winnipeg, going to go over La Grande (southern part of Hudson Bay) and then over Kuujjuaq (3456 ground miles to destination, time since departure 3:20 hours…Time to destination 6:23 hours ) Altitude now is 35000 feet and speed is 573 MPH ground speed.

This flight, SFO to Heathrow, London is a 777. I’m missing the elegant monster guppy 747-400 that I have spent 27 hours in the past few days on. I’m in seat 11G, another aisle bulkhead, in the middle of the business class section (Business class is usually two sections separated by the B-class galley and lavatories.)

It's another flight where they make you "go to sleep" and wake you up in the morning. It was a shorter flight.. I slept about 4 hours this flight.. when I woke up...had 495 miles to go, we were at 37K feet high and the temperature was -64C.

ONLY ONE BAG AT HEATHROW. No way to circumvent. To deplane, unless you are exiting the airport, you have to go through 1 bag security inspection... 1 bag, whether its a purse, a carryon, a computer bag etc. Took 90 minutes to go through security to get to the Red Carpet Club...

I've got to get going ....took some time to get t=mobile up, and I have to change terminals to catch my next flight, and it may take 90 minutes... so I gotta go....

DOn't know what my connectivity for the blog may be in South Africa. May be silent until I get back to Heathrow. See you on the flip side!

So, I will be blogging manually on the next two flights, because they don't have power in the seats.


TYler said...

Well just hated to see "0 comments" for this long. All is quiet in Richmond, bobbie and I getting ready for our long set of flights out west (ok they pale in comparison) And look forward to see ing you and Biff for the evening of the 29th with great friends, wine and menu to please. It's been fun side by side communicating with Kelly, a friend who I know but really don't know. But family is that way. fly safe...walk around a lot, and keep hydrated. Can't wait to hear more. Live from London

Biff said...

Well she is almost back from Capetown. Lands in London about 1AM our time and takes back off about 7AM our time. And then home in the afternoon. She reported a great time in Capetown, including pictures of penguins. And made a good friend in the ticketing area. Will be a good story. I'll let her tell the tail.


Kel55 said...

I enjoyed it too, Tyler! "Where in the world is Paula" has been great fun and is a little bit like a really good movie..where a part of me doesn't want it to end....I'm sure Biff is more than ready for it to end. I can't wait for an update from London, either.